Oleo-Mac Chainsaw GS 650

Oleo-Mac GS 650




Professional chain saws

Powerful professional machines, designed for felling and cutting up trees of appreciable size. Engines characterized by extremely linear torque at all engine speeds, guaranteeing high performance in any working conditions and unvarying efficiency over time.

  • Maximum long-term reliability, thanks to steel crankshaft and piston with 2 rings.
  • Cylinder incorporating decompression system to ensure smooth and jerk-free start.
  • Specification features digital coil with variable ignition advance and rpm limiter, and flywheel with new fin geometry: engine runs more smoothly and cooling is more efficient, even in difficult climatic conditions (high temperatures).
  • Handle/fuel tank assembly separate from the tool body: ensures a lower fuel mixture temperature and minimal vibration.
  • Automatic and adjustable aluminium oil pump: ensures maximum long-term durability and enables the oil flow to be adapted to the type of job at hand, without needless waste.